Why my logo rejected?

I have uploaded logos several times, but have received rejections.
Can someone please tell me, what am I doing wrong?

Your logo looks like something else!


Hmmm…really? Do you have the link that exactly the same as this one? Thank you :beers:

And if I upload a new logo with a mountain and behind it, there is the sun…so it will reject too because looks like something/someone else? :beers:

If I give you a link it will be totally obscene. Did you don’t really see the p***s out of your logo? Maybe now you will see

This logo can win the title “The epic fail logo of the year”

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Also reminds me of Plane T Letter Logo by Gennady Savinov on Dribbble


That logo looks very good!

LOL maybe your mind is as topsy turvy as the logo LOL kidding :slight_smile:

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hi I assume that u cannot expect a logo that takes no real skills and definitely no more than 5 minutes to be redone to make it for sale here. U have to identify that this category is one of the most crowded ones and that the catalogues is huge, the number of poplin town definitely important and that a potential buyer needs at least to have the feeling of either saving some time of out of being and / or getting a design that goes way beyond their personal skills … in both cases , this is not what happens … not mention the concept and the way u made the logo look are definitely not impressive and , as mentioned Designsomething , rightfully so, definitely make people think of something else and something that is not done here lol. Also, let’s face it, the typo is very very far from GR’s standards … the text type and the illustration look disconnected, there is no variation, no font combination, no harmony, no touch of originality and thus , of course, u failed to generate relief enough … by the way introducing a tagline would help u for that matter and highly recommend that u do …

Yeah, I guess so…“The epic fail logo of the year” thank you :beers: you the man and designer of the year! I will make this my profile picture on Envato now! Thank you for your kind! :beers:

Ok thank you…I’ll take that. :beers:

Thank you for your reminder :beers:

To recap you just copy a logo from Dribbble and you tried to upload and sell here. (This is against Envato policy and the straight way to get banned) Don’t need to mention again that your copycat looks “funny”. Also being frustrated and writing messages on my YT channel and other authors topics pointing at me doesn’t help you at all. And yes considering all above your logo is a big fail. Enjoy your rejection!

  1. I’m not copying the logo…I don’t know if such a logo exists and looks quite the same as the Dribbble link.

  2. What do you mean by

do you think you are good? do you think you are better than others? you are insulting!!!

  1. Of course I accepted my rejection. from my topics, I just ask for opinion not “insult”!!!

Don’t worry you are not the only one :rofl:

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You are the one who makes it upside down. And you are the one that makes it like its fail logo. My copy logo is not upside down like the one you said. To me, you are insulting others.

You’re incredibly funny! LOL I’m having a great time reading your comments.

As you wish

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Does Anyone want to join the party?

Please…laugh as your like :beers:

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Hope you got your answer :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: