why my logo rejected ?

anyone can tell me why my logo rejected?

, the reviewer team tell me my logo isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward.

With respect this is a long way off the standard especially in one of the most competitive categories on the marketplaces.

The typography is not great and too small

The design feels a bit clip art like esp the stars

The ribbons don’t make sense in terms of how they appear .v. How they wrap the globe shape

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thanks for replaying

hi indeed there are many reasons

1- style
this is off, very old looking and definitely not matching modern trends using pathfinder much , pls inspire from what is working and accepted …

2- name positoning
this is wrong difficult for people to edit

3- typo
this is really old looking once again , there is no originality nor combinations

4- concept
hard to understand the ribbons and by extension what the concept is all about …

5- color combination
they could be better ,think about complementary colors …

6- details
there are too many of them for here they judge the logo in small size too …

7- summary execution
u made a detailed thing in which the execution is not matching the style, where are the shadows for instance ? in this case this is building down the possible harmony …

8- tagline and horizontal version are missing …