Why my logo items reject ?

This is the 8 time my items logo rejected.
why is that??? and always the same answer in my e-mail “Unfortunately your submission GeekChat isn’t ready for GraphicRiver and cannot be resubmitted as it did not meet our minimum requirements for quality and/or Envato Market policies”

this is my logo:

hi buddy, quite frankly , i have no idea why it was rejected … except maybe a matter of typo , as here they are expecting that we use fonts of nowhere when lots of people like simplicity , which doesn’t make always make sense … anyway, for me your logo is nice and has a cool harmony like it … i think u should post this somewhere else or try to give it a try with a more “complex” typo …

thank you for your feed back @n2n44 ,
do you have link about complex typo ? , and I would improve my logo to be better.
Thank you

hi buddy , i don’t have this, u have to check what’s harmonious with what u’ve done, u can check many fonts in dafont and fontsquirrel websites for instance :wink: