why my logo is rejected

If there is seen pixelation or if there are any unintended visible artifacts in your graph at one hundred percent view, the sketch will be rejected. 6- Poor graph exceptional and execution - Do now not re-submit the identical format as-is. Poor graph satisfactory and execution can also be the most frequent purpose for rejection.

hi if u ask me there is a disconnection between the text and illustration part in terms of style, even though the whole logo looks a bit old fashioned , according to me … there is also no real concept behind the logo and as fro I see the one color version is lacking among the previews , though this is required. besides, this one color version is a problem with what u have right now and the content will look more than simple indeed . U also have to think about previews as a way for you to make your work look outstanding , this is , among other things, having some pixelated logo previews is a big mistake , actually