Why My logo is rejected?

why it was rejected, help me please.

There’s a lot of quite similar designs out there and you cannot offer free customisation (that would cause rejection straight away)

hi, for me this looks fine but this inspires me a deja vu feeling … u have to make sure that u bring something new to the table, especially in this category I might add, as regard to the fact that there are many guys in town and that the catalogue of product is already extended indeed … u might have a bit more modern touch again with trying to add some “twist” effects with gradients on some parts of the logo indeed and I assume that the typo right now is sort of a bit flat and common so to speak, so that u maybe asked a bit more efforts about it. Finally, make sure that ALL the previews are well arranged all the way … having a logo with pink text over a blue like in the last preview is not a good choice as it amounts to having u violating one of the graphic design principles , i.e: contrast … which is a serious mistake actually …