Why my logo is rejected again ?

I have uploaded my second logo but it’s rejected too. I want to know the reason

hi I will be perfectly honest with u indeed. The concept of the logo is not clear in the way it came out … if u see the thumbnail, the logo looks like being related to a car crash more than any other thing in the first place and when u get into deeper details there is a lack of harmony in the way u materialized the logo, the car looks not the same , not to mention that the changing in terms of colors is troublemaking in terms of hierarchy and the clean car is far less outstanding than the “dirty one” turns out to be. Furthermore, the multi0plication of colors does not prevent the illustration from being rather flat to say the least and is getting u into trouble as far as contrast goes , this drives the previews u have created far less efficient to value your work. Needless to say that the effect of this on the text part is even worse , for this is making a part of it become not far from being unreadable actually … BTW , still about the car part the illustration style and the text style are dissonant and the imbrication of both parts is not properly the right one

Thankyou for pointing out the flaws

u are welcome if u have enough clues as regard to what to do with your item , pls check the solution box, thanks, good work and good luck :slight_smile: