Why my logo has been rejected, Can you help me ?


We have completed our review of “Blue Hawk Logo” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Please tell me guys, why did this happen?

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hi indeed, i like it , though here is what i think and that may explain a possible rejection , in my view. U have globally s small problem of style, the style for modern logos is more likely to be made out of shapes being subtracted from others, using much the pathfinder. Here this looks more drawn and thus a bit less trendy. IN addition, the way the head is cut is strange and bringing , in a snowball effect to be confronted with another issue indeed. u have a bit trouble to imbricate the illustration and text parts, they are not exactly perfectly placed in both cases … this is a bit odd to have the eye being substrates from the shape and on the other and to have the beak not being … this is a bit difficult to understand what the blue line right next to the beak is , too …

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Hi, all of the things you have said are very important and valuable information, but I still do not think the logo is sufficient to be rejected.

Because I have been researching graphicriver for hours and found many errors in all newly added logos. I think they need to give some more detailed reason for a logo to be accepted.

Thank you very much for everything you said.

Your logo is very nice but I am not expert in graphicriver I don’t have idea why your logo was hard rejected. but he @n2n44 is my friend and he good teacher already help you for approved your logo, regards.

good logo :wink: I hope it will be accepted in the end

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Yes @n2n44 gave me very useful information from their point of view, but when you look at the recently approved logos in graphicriver, I think mine is as good as them. Because this is the case, I think they should give me a more detailed reason for the logo to be rejected.

I do not know what rules I will design for Graphicriver to approve my logos. I think they should be clearer.


Thank you so much :slight_smile: I think I have to give up this logo and design it for other logos.

hey buddy , well i identify what u are saying but u should not try to focus on other people’s things … this is not the point, it may only bring u anger or frustration to o just this and u should try to focus on what u may have done the wrong way instead , because at least this may help u in the longer run to take your game even more to the next level , anyway , i tried to help u with how i feel could have been improved, if u have enough clues to get to know what to do , just check the “solution” box , good work and good luck :slight_smile: