Why my logo has been recjected?

Idea is good in general but the execution is out-dated

hi I think that the way it the idea was materialized looks “unfinished”. If u ask me the X is nice but is lacking a bit more work to increase the wow effect being generated indeed … , especially when it comes to the one color version I might add , as this version falls flat when u take out the colors. The thing is that u should add some effects for the product to look more worked out and worth buying. The thing at this stage is that the Logo looks pretty easy to redo without having huge skills, without taking a whole lot of time and this decreases gamely the commercial potential if u ask me. I also tend to believe that the typo is a real issue here , as not only am I convinced that u could find fonts matches more the illustration but let’s also face it the style looks not really continued form one part to the other. U increased the feeling by the way by having colors different completely from one part to the other , which “kills harmony”. Finally I also assume that taking a bit time and making a bit effort to make the preview look better and more selling is not an option and thus would be more than welcome. Just use mockups and so on and make sure that the preview looks as good as possible since this is the interface between u and your work and the reviewer and potential buyer , so that this is really worth investing some time and adding more guaranties that your item is going to be looking more attractive for others

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Thank you so much for deeply explaining the possible reasons of this hard rejection.:pray:

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u are very welcome :slight_smile: if u have enough clues as regard to what to do , pls check the solution box , thanks, good work and good luck :slight_smile:

Your analysis is excellent. I have already received your comments and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I have asked this before and you have answered it: that sometimes items are accepted that have no creative idea, no implementation of skill and time, and none of the characteristics that you would accept for an acceptable item. Do you believe they have? Apparently this is what it is and everyone has accepted it.
I know that it is not morally and professionally correct, otherwise I would have introduced examples.
Anyway, thank you and I wish you success.

lol normally u are supposed to check the solution box right next to the comment that helped u the most , not with one of your comment lol as for the rest of what u said, believe ne some have already tried to fight against windmills but they did not manage to get any result whatsoever …