Why my logo got hard rejected?

Hello, Recently I discovered Envato elements so I thought I’d put some exclusive logos for Envato. so I did my first try and I submitted a logo that I made special for this website (EPS/AI/JPG Files)

I’ve followed the rules and requirements, but I’m confused why it got hard rejected? here’s the preview of the logo:

I mean, there are plenty of logos alike (Bee) but that’s okay, I’ll try to do better next time, I just wanna know the reason so Ican fix it next time, Any help?

Sorry to say this, this is generic design, the logo is too similar to the logo in various markets. The topography is poorly developed, basically this design does not meet the standards and quality of the assessment. Keep working to improve the quality, cheers :clinking_glasses:


Should I change the font on my next logos? thank you for your reply boss.

You have to develop typography, for example typography into one unit with the logo (not too opposite from the main design style) more precisely between the logo and typography must be aligned. Besides that, improving the quality of the logo itself is the most important thing so that your design can be accepted, make it unique and different.

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Hello @YasserCreatives

Your design is not unique because already have in market but you need more improve the letter for buyer understand to read typography. Thank you.

hi I am not sure this is correct or not, but it seems to me that there are some topics or themes where there are so many products already that they do not want to accept anything additional indeed (rockets, and bees I think, to be checked)