Why my logo designs got rejected ? please help

I put a lot of effort into designing a unique better logo, I prepare it very well, construct it so well according to their technical requirements but in the end, I got rejected I don’t know what’s wrong with my designs is there anyone here who can help me what its happened?
recently this item was rejected. :sleepy: :disappointed: :sob:

This is not a logo, this is an illustration. There is a big difference between a logo and an illustration. The logo should be laconic. Your illustration is not laconic even as an illustration. I see the curved lines of the palm trees. You just did the tracing and did not draw the elements

well thank you so much for your guides, but I did not trace any illustration, I made it myself by using a pencil tool.

It looks like a tracing anyway. Apparently you have anti-aliasing turned on in the pencil settings. The logo should be built and not drawn (because you are trying to create a logo and not an illustration). Because of these inaccuracies, now it looks like a draft

thank you so much for your valuable words.

Logos usually require positive and negative. I know this rule isn’t really applicable to all the logos coming out today, but at least start from the principles of a good design and you won’t be wrong at the end. Cheers!