why my logo are rejected?

The logo was made on illustrator.
I wanted to understand a moment how to organize the levels.
The logo consists of:

Tracks: 30 (0 open, 30 closed, 221 points, length = 6728.129 pt)
Composite Traces: 5
Shaded Textures: None
Symbols instances: None
All text objects: 2
Independent text objects: 2
Text objects in the area: None
Text objects on track: None
Clipping Masks: NONE
Opacity Masks: None
Transparent groups: None
Transparent objects: 2
RGB objects: None
CMYK Objects: 37
Gray Scale Objects: None
Flatware: None
Pattern Objects: None
Objects with Gradient: None
Brush Objects: None
Style Objects: None
Fonts: 3
Related Images: None
Built-in images: None
Non-native graphic objects: None

up please reply.

up please reply.

For me it looks close to good enough. The typography is what I would try to improve - possibly the font is a bit “blocky” compared to the curvy logo. Also BEE is a bit heavy and maybe slightly too dominant. I suggest reworking the text. Also I would say the on black backdrop version looks slightly odd. But otherwise I like it. Oh and also remember to always think about having a clear usage for the logo, what are buyers going to use it for? This one looks like it would work for creative companies, for example.

Thanks Toivo, but I do not understand the hard rejected.

Most rejections are hard rejections. You just need to improve the item until you think it’s good enough and try again. Because like I said I think this item can get approved with a bit more work.