Why my Last upload failed in CodeCanyon quality check?

Just want to know why my Last upload failed in CodeCanyon quality check?
What are all the things requires to pass the quality test?

no one can give you feedback without seeing the item demo

Its a mobile app, and my contents are gone from my envato FTP after review. I uploaded my video demo.

Here the youtube demo link

What is expected quality standard? Where can I read those standards?

There are not set in stone standards (all items should be unique so this wouldn’t be possible).


  • best practice coding
  • premium features and design
  • functional and original concept

It’s hard to determine from a video but this seems super niche and:

  1. the design could be more modern and
    2)I am guessing that it needs to sync somehow to a product database or management system? Or is it all built in?

Perhaps explaining it’s use and context more would help

It has inbuilt database. Targeted to Small and Medium size retail/ whole sale shops. The user can create all the Master data via app.

Since I’m providing the full source they can alter and connect with Online/ Cloud Database