Why my items are not sold, who can say what the problem?

I just saw your portfolio, Wow, you’re very talented!
Maybe prices are not competitive? Try to using differents tags on your works schedule.

I whish you all the best for future selling.

thanks for attention, I’m glad to hear :blush:

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You’ve got like ~50 words on each item page. Consider ~750 at least. Thanks!

Hi dzeriho…thanks for attention, can you explain in detail… which words do you mean? Thanks

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If the explanation is really needed, then check this image. Where’s the content I can Google search perhaps. FULL HD 16:9 ASPECT RATIO? Will anyone that want this item ever search it like so? Also share your links everywhere make pages like fb, instagram etc. Brand yourself.

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But isn’t the words used in tags enough for that?

Description must be more descriptive indeed. When you upload a work, under the box form there is a specific note about.

It’s never enough.

Thanks for the help, you’re right! but I do not think that the main reason is this in fact …

just try and see and let me know. I’m preety much intersted about the topic.

parallel I think that the work is not bad, it’s good enough to sell them here … if it’s not, so you tell me, maybe it seems that way to me. thank you

Couldn’t comment on your other works, but the flyer sales seem consistent with my sales.

GR is pretty much the best place to sell flyers at the moment, so if you are not happy with the flyer sales, then l don’t have any suggestions at the moment.