Why my items are always rejected without reason explained ?

Hi guys! :confused:

I sent over 15 flyers that are released but all rejected. I had thought that this is because these are religious theme flyers. I received this message to each flyer rejection process : "After Completing our review, we’ve Determined that ‘Black Friday Flyer 13 2017’ is not at the quality standard needed to continue forward with the review process is GraphicRiver As the submission is. too far off the standards we require, you’ll be Unable to re-submit on this occasion "

I have not received a specific reason for rejection. it is in terms of design ? or at the level of content ?
because I often see on graphicriver flyers that are clearly designed with less effort and their design is less clearly worked. Here is an overview of some of these flyers. Thank you can help me.


While the main font of the flyers is quite good in my opinion, the rest of the fonts just don’t work. Plus I wouldn’t go over using more than 3 fonts. I like the christmas flyer, but I don’t dig the ornamental background. Also the cross from the first flyer looks out of place comparing to the background and the pink colored font. The background dots aren’t used anymore I guess.
About the last flyer I think that everything is quizzed together and it creates mess. Too much random flowers, the eggs don’t much the style of the rabbit and the banner.

My way of designing things is firstly focus on the style I want it to be. Then I pick the elements which I want to appear on my graphic and then I choose fonts (since it takes me usually more than whole design itself lol). When I’ve got all the tools I can place everything on it’s place.

Hope I helped a little, that’s just my personal opinion :slight_smile: Good luck!

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