Why my item was rejected ?


Please check http://www.weather-press.com
I have uploaded my plugin 3 days ago to the envato market but my item was rejected with no reason at all ?
Any idea so that i can resolve This matter ?


Any one can help with that please ?
or maybe i just must ‘erase’ my envato account because they are just showing non logic rejection to me !
we are creative people we are based on logic thoughts !
I was just asking ‘Why my item was rejected’ ??! is that a so hard question to answer ??


for me its awesome… dont know why they have reject your theme


Thank you very much Mr. asadideation, your words comforts me and cheers me up, after that Envato bad mail !
I spent two years building this plugin and improve it without publishing to give to the world the best of me,
but any way I think I have to sell this plugin myself and get more than 90% for my job instead of 30% with Envato.
Please check my work at http://www.weather-press.com and give me advices, because i care about the community advices not the marchands ones.
THANK YOU again Mr. asadideation.

  1. You just need to work on your header Area… if Possible change the Color Scheme of header
  2. in your CSS there is a class “.weather_press_data” its currently 77%; make it 50% and give some shades arround it and also use some better fonts for your HEADINGz…
    will send you some more points


Pages doesn’t show when you scroll with mouse, only when you click on the menu. Tested on FF & Chrome, Win.
Great idea BTW.


THANK YOU alot Mr. asadideation and johnnychaos, i ll follow those advices.
For Mr. johnnychaos, the concept is not about showing pages on scroll, when you scroll i wanted you to move inside a 4 seasons Scene, whiout shown texts or images, but when you want to read about some thing you have to click on the menu as conventional


I see your idea now, but it’s confusing for the user. I thought it’s an error.


well noted, I’ll think of a way to improve the concept.
Thank you