Why my item was rejected


hi… i need help from photoshop designers to tell me how to get it accepted - i will share the PSD with anyone who will help me - http://i.imgur.com/UiBIl2u.jpg

the item was a pricing table … if any one is going to help me please leave a comment on how to contact you … thanks


Please upload you link .jpg or .png for we can help you, regards.




Yes but I not understand because your 3 columns pricing table is rejected, we need see your demo pricing, do you understand me? sorry my bad english becuase I not speak very good english.



can you add me on facebook ?
just write " yoyu333" on the search and you’ll find me


why you not can upload here forum?


@JeriThemes i dont want to share the psd with everyone…


hi pls show screen captures of your rejected work so that we can help …


@JeriThemes @n2n44
any help ??


I think that your typography is too small from prices ($), (/mo) and (freelance, business and enterprise)



this gonna make a hard reject?


I think that yes it’s rejected but your wait other author say some :slight_smile: luck.


i want to send the psd to you to check it - maybe the wrong is in the layers organaization and grouping…


But I think that your not can send me .psd but only preview :frowning:


i can send it via email…


Yes, jerithemes@gmail.com


check your inbox with the psd download link!
-thanks for help


Ok, I check now


Take Your Time … i am waiting you


I already submit your email