Why my item was reject?


I got a letter of refusal to publish my project with this comment:

"When reviewing these types of projects, we take into consideration the flexibility, usefulness, appeal to a broader audience and broadcast readiness of the file. Unfortunately we do not feel as though this project meets the standards we have set for these criteria. "

I understand that such projects very much, and they are selected according to high standards, but I do not understand why my project rejected, and these projects are approved
(And many others) who have less than a high quality rendering, animation, pull is enough, it is less flexible (not all color variations). At the same time, my project is very easy to use: put your videos, select the desired camera (or select the desired duration of the video) and send it to render. The quality of the rendering model - one of my best (of not captured on camera), but I got reject. Can you explain me better? Thank you for understanding


According to support reply, reason isn’t in render quality.

  1. Some scenes have wrong composition. Phone is cut, and goes of safe title. This is broadcast readiness issue
  2. Most of scenes looks more like phone presentation rather than app presentation.


it’s phone presentation. not app.
70% of scenes - phone screen too small, angle acute and movement is too sharp - if i’m presenting my app i want to show usability… how to do that here?)


I am on your same page. once I got hard rejected and i saw another item with really poor quality. i posted the linked and were removed as well. jjaj. I can not tell what you intented with this template. it seems that it is just a phone that can have a image in it and that is it. i did not like some camera movements coz the phone was cut off the frame.
i can sense the ton of effort you should have put into this. But you know what, star again and try harder. never give up.