Why my item rejected, please help ?


Please help me , I am new in themeforest and my item is rejected. I don’t understand why because in email not written reason. I put one my item which accepted and some other that modification after it but modified item is rejected.

This is my item which accepted : http://preview.themeforest.net/item/newenrgy-luxury-landing-html-template/full_screen_preview/19429040?_ga=1.94124826.629980829.1485931162

This is item which rejecterd : http://adzwedo.com/miqotest/giro

Please can help my why item is rejected?

Hello and welcome to Envato Forums,

First of all, sorry to give you this conclusion but I wonder how the first template has been accepted?! The design seems to be far away from standards.

Btw, your second item is identically with the first one?! You only changed the images. This is the first point when I stop to tell you why you get rejected.

Secondly, maybe on your second template there was a different reviewer and their design skills were way higher than the one who reviewed your first theme.

My question now, why would you submit two identical items (in terms of design)?


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Because one of them for selling gyro scooters and there exists feature , other theme for sell each product without feature.

I change not only images , I change video , add new sections and create template for only gyro scooters sell.

And one more question why I must create template with design standards? if I will did design with standards my templates will be not different with other templates. I want create new creative designs not standards and not like each template.


Standard exist to ensure quality across the marketplace.

It doesn’t mean you should be the same design as other files. It means that general best practice is used.

Why is the first one under the Muse category? Is it not a landing template?

Creating a series of files in your own style is fine but I agree with @ThemeSLR that these two are too similar and with all due respect I am surprised these were approved as they are.

As it happens having many similar items do not do you any favours when it comes to selling items.

Please can you tell me which standards I don’t use in second template , please give me real examples.

About category I can’t tell exactly maybe I did some mistake with categories.

So now you think where the problem , what I need fix ? please with details