Why my item rejected!?😦


Why my item rejected!?
This is my item description

This is a Photoshop Action

Product Name:lgwr-Color Effects

lgwr-Color Effects on the images to create a white particle effects and the color will Image change
this means that on image different types of color filters to be created.
the photoshop action on the size of images in 3000 x2000, and 2880 x1800, and 2560 x1600 tested and
good works .
<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/2/f/2ff835deb4a3521719885bfafd3d377575657659.jpg" width=β€œ31” height="50


hi, i tend to believe that this is probably a matter of uniqueness … or maybe they judge the effect β€œtoo smooth”, i am not sure at all …


Thank you for Guide the I :+1: