why my item reject?

please help me, why my item reject.

Using a more “stylized” font will greatly improve the look of your item. You should also take a deeper look at the item’s presentation, this solid green “breaks” the look along with the dark red color.

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hi for me u have a global problem of balance with the way u materialized the logo , the logo is not only too detailed but "spreading in all directions " as well , if u ask me… the logo goes rather high with the combination of tower but the illustration part if very thin horizontally speaking and this is the other way around when it comes to the text , which is very extended horizontally so that u end up with sort of a pyramid generating very little harmony if u ask me. The imbrication of the text and illustration parts is not done properly at the moment , since the posi0tioning is not optimized yet and in addition, the flagging in the middle is not a good idea in my view. I tend to believe that the concept could have materialized in a better way with the same initial idea and the color combination that u have chosen does not help to value your work as there is not enough contrast between colors and parts so that some real relief is being generated. the typo is also rather flat, lacking variations, font combinations and possibly some touch of originality , too