why my item reject?

why my item reject ?
this is my demo http://ar-news.sstudiox.com/

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What is it exactly? The news “feed”?

  1. execution is far from premium in terms of design

  2. the concept is readily available as free scripts/plugins so you need to offer more premium features and functionality eg layouts, filters, etc

  1. Your demo was not available to me. I was able to open demo only VPN service.
    Make sure your demo is accessible to everyone.

  2. I checked your styles. Take any CSS code to css file. Now lot of code in head tag. This is not professional.

  3. Check js console. Now there is useless code.

  4. If you load content dynamically, use JSON. Getting blocks makes product difficult for developers. If I want to change the style, I will have to change the response mechanisms.

  5. Use more modern design. Learn examples news sites in dribbble (for example).

  6. It’s too easy. Add premium features.

The main thing - do not stop and continue to work. Good luck!