Why my item reject in second time??What is the quality standard required to move forward

I submit my second item in CodeCanyon , but it was rejected, I don’t know how my item rejected, and
What is the quality standard required to move forward, please help me what is the requirement to accept my item

It’s purely item specific. I don’t really work with code, but I’m sure it’s the same thing for each of the marketplaces; Your item should stand out among other similar items, it should be neatly organized and easy to use, it needs to be useful to potentially a lot of people, it needs to be set up to look and work as a premium quality item. If you look at recent items that are similar to what you’re doing, your item should offer something different than them, or be better in general.

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So that we can give advice - provide demo rejected item.

Here is my demo link: http://automobile.sattproject.xyz/login
Please help me what is the problem my item, and how can approve my item

The colour scheme is not great, its hard on the eyes. You should consider using a palette (it tells you the colours that work together).

Also, when you click the items at the top, instead of the left navigation, it opens in a new window and not sure it should?

Hope tht helps.