why my item is rejected

hi , quite frankly there is much to say about this card … first of all this is too basic and simple in a general way and introducing some originality to the table would be a great idea. The fact of the matter is that the place where u brought some originality to the table is unfortunately not really working … globally the card in both sides - but in the logo in particular - is too empty and pushing the envelope graphic design wise would be welcome. Then the composition with the face, i am not sure what this is meant for but i see no one expecting to put only part of theirs faces like what u have done and i am wandering what is the purpose for this , if so … the icons look like internet presets, they bring nothing much as far as graphic design is concerned and they are too simple, not really outstanding or whatever. The combination of color makes the potential color decrease and besides this is already hard , looking at the card, determining who is supposed to be the target of this item