Why my item is rejected? Any help?

I have submitted this item and it’s totally rejected. Why is it so?

@charlie4282 can you check this why it is rejected?

I really do not think that this is a marketplace that you should be trying to join.

You were warned here about ripping off other people’s items Why rejected my template?

And now… your ‘Webdesk’ item

“Webcore” https://themeforest.net/item/webcore-portfolio-and-agency-wordpress-theme/20285291?s_rank=1 from an established elite author

Even the logos are almost identical and again leaving their info in the code!

It is unbelievably disrespectful to Envato and other authors

how can you find it?

You aren’t actually asking us to tell you how to steal other peoples’ work?!?!

For the final time - if you do not have the expertise to create your own original work from scratch without copying or worse still stealing code or designs that belong to someone else then a premium marketplace intended for creative professionals is not somewhere you should be.


Hi @charlie4282 i need a help from you. My theme also got rejected,

My product Demo: https://products.weberge.com/newspaper-plus/demo-1/

Please help!

Are we missing something or are all the pages/categories etc. other than home empty?

What there is there is ok but with respect there are plenty of free magazine style themes out there which are similar, and this is a super crowded category where anything new has to offer something unique and stand out to compete and be approved.

You need to make sure the entire theme is complete and populated (otherwise you have no chance of approval), and bring more layouts, features, example post types, example category layouts, featured content creative etc.

Thank you for your quick response, Do you have any suggestions of categories where we can pitch with similar themes with suggested improvements?

The category is irrelevant - as a premium (and the busiest) marketplace - ‘ok’ items are generally not going to make the cut,

Ther single worst thing an author can do is rush in trying to make sales as it will almost certainly not work. You have the start of a magazine theme them keep to that category and work on adding more unique features and design. It does not need to have a million parts to it - it just needs to be refined and practical

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Thanks again, We will try to improve our theme considering your suggestions.

@charlie4282 Now this time I purchased premium PSD and converted that into HTML template. Can you please check why this time it’s rejected?


And you have all the licenses, agreements and proof of consent from the author of the PSD to convert it for sale?

Yes I have everything and permissions to sale. Then can you tell me what can be the reason of rejection? This time item is genuine and not already exits on themeforest. But still it’s rejected.

EMy first thought if it’s based on a psd template (esp if it’s one from here) would be 1) that it’s not for sale here or anywhere else in that format and 2) that the original author hadn’t submitted a ticket to show approval etc.

That said as it is there is a lot of work needed to get it up to scratch - hence hard reject

  • one pagers are the most over done category on the marketplace and there are some seriously high end items

  • there is very little premium value here

  • generally feels rushed and lacks project and blog pages making it feel incomplete

  • there fundamental issues with spacing, hierarchy, mobile performance and typography

  • it needs a lot more refinement in design, features, functionality etc.

  • how old was the PSD? I’m guessing it had a different name?

  • While I don’t think it’s banned to upload converted items using a different name - it looks quite suspect. Why not create consistency and submit it as a direct conversion of the original design using same name etc?

Everything is same. I submitted the HTML template and after 10 minutes I got the email that item is rejected. I think item is automatically rejected not by reviewers. Do you think item can be rejected automatically?

Whats the link to the PSD?

I have purchased PSD from fiverr

Well that explains why it’s not up to the standard for approval here

You’d be better off finding a psd designer here to partner with and convert approved designs

Although be aware that approve as a psd does not guarantee approval in another format and a partnership/license etc is likely to cost a lot more tha $5 in buy out fee or shared earning

I don’t think that everything item (HTML or Wordpress) here on themeforest has first PSD approved. I have seen many items which don’t have PSD here. What do you say about them?