why my item is reject Please help me


why the refuse my item please help me

What is your item?

Can you give us some screenshots and demo url of your product ? Do you have well documented and check the security & code quality ?

thank you for reply , my item is an android application , I wanted to comply by all the criteria but unfortunately it was rejected

than you for reply , yes I can ,

I couldn’t upload my apk file , actually I don’t know how to make url for my product
it is the first time to do that
thank you

Can you tell us the purpose of your application?

the application purpose is to promote your business or your company activities in order to following you or follow the business that you do and offer and be applied to the reach of all people.

Do you think the arabic language is the reason of rejection?

Yes it can be, it will be better if you use English as default. And create an option to change / create languages easily :slight_smile:

Thank you brother

You won’t be able to re-submit this item again… what do they mean by this sentence ? do they mean I can’t re-share this item even I fixed it… thank you

It means more than just ‘fixing it’ - you need to make substantial modifications, to the point that it is distinctively improved and almost like an alternative project

The language is definitely an issue and having generic thumbnails and quite simple hierarchy and styling do not help

I strongly appreciat your helping