Why my item is hard rejected? :(

Hi to all:

My item is hard rejected, why? please help me thanks.

demo: http://erikaivo.net/donchef/


please help me thanks.


Hello, I’m far from knowing the requirements of the ThemeForest, but something I noticed.

  1. On the main page to the right, you can see a white bar at the entire height of the site (a horizontal scroll is added).
  2. On the main page, the resolution of the “mobile” slider distorts images.
  3. There is no menu on all pages. Rather, it is, pops up when you scroll the page down. It is very uncomfortable.
  4. Duplicate content. On the main page you have already posted “testimonials”, “gallery”, “team”. Why duplicate the same thing on other pages. If you want a separate page for the team and write more information than just a photo and a short description of the team member, write a little text, next to the photos of people, and under this text put “read more” button. It will be better.
  5. In console shows an error associated with Google maps.

I used Opera browser

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Many thanks :slight_smile: I understand it, regards. :slight_smile:

I don’t like used font. It’s too old


Thanks :slight_smile:


Try to use "montserrat’ or “nexa” font. Or something like that

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In “Service” section second image loading after hovering over the cursor. It does’t look good.

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Many thanks :slight_smile: regards.