Why my item "Id Card" has been rejected? Please help me

**What is the reason for hard-rejection? Design problem? Or do I design Adobe Illustrator?
Adobe Photoshop Design is likely to be approved?
Adobe Illustrator Design is less likely to be approved?

like Business Card, Id Card, Flyer, Gift Card, Letterhead, Postcard.


As long as its ready for print and is customizable enough it shouldn’t matter which program you use. However, your rejection is most likely due to the design itself, it’s not bad, but it’s very plain and simple. Keep in mind that these sorts of items are quite difficult to get into since the market is very saturated, so they require ones that are very unique and interesting, it needs to stand out from hundreds of others.

Try looking at the top items in the category you submitted to to see what works, don’t copy them, but figure what makes them better than the rest, then take those things and make aim to make something better. Always strive to create something better than the rest, and never settle for just getting something out there.

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Thank you.

I look at the top items I work with, and understand the trends in the current design. But a Level 4 author or level 3 author has approved, but Same Quality Design is not approved for new author design. What is the reason?

hi stop thinking of grade hierarchy as this is completely false! it does not exist! this system is far from perfect but the bottom line is that the privilege of “oldness” or “grade” is just a fantasy. Besides, you would not even believe the kind of things that are rejected from me or my friends, paw5, 6 and even over … so there is no grade privilege to say the least … this comment is unfair. Actually, what u have to identify is that this maybe even harder for newbies , not because they are newbies but first of all because they are not used to standards in the first place (thus sometimes need to adapt) and then, afterwards, as lot of items already exist , this is quite difficult to bring something completely new or creative to the table in the end …

there is much to say about standards and some possible incoherence here and then of course, no system is perfect and this one is no exception, but the fact of the matter is that if u browse the category that u tried to post in, there are tons of very close style from yours from guys who did a long time before u, in addition … indeed, i could show u the one i had posted and which was hard rejected and believe me mine was way more original than yours and i am paw 5 … conclusion, u should just try to bring your game to the next level and do not pay too much attention about other people’s work , apart fron analyzing it to try to figure out what could be working in terms of style. At this stage, yours is clean and clear, for sure, but the hierarchy of information is not perfect, the typo is somehow some way a bit flat and the alignment not accurate everywhere, when this is a basic design principle , sot there are things to say about it … once u make an absolutely perfect design , maybe u can try to come up with strange thinkings but at this stage , u still a good way to go all the same before u can do this

Thank you