Why?my item has been rejected all the time!

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Wall Calendar 2020” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again

What can i do for quality standard ?

Help please.!!

  • Typography needs attention especially hierarchy and font choices

  • Not sure the 3 main colours work brilliantly together and the blue looks a bit brash

  • Everything feels quite squashed together especially the key dates section

  • Why are some key dates red and others black?

  • Personally, don’t think the contact info works where it is positioned

  • I get it’s a one-page design but you would add a lot of value to have month by month version too


hi here are a collection of observations regarding reasons for this item to be hard recjedt, of things for u to fix and improve …

1- presentation
sorry to say just this but the bottom line is that the presentation that u have here “is not selling” what u have created … use mockups, try to integrate them in a really professional lay out so that people feel impressed with what u have …

2- trademarks
at this stage u are using a copyrighted logo or trademarked, i am not sure but what is crystal clear is that u have no right to display in my view … and this may not be a rejection for hard rejection but combined with other things it may turn a soft rejection into a hard one “on aggregate”

3- typo
sorry to say just that but u have at this stage is super flat … there is nothing outstanding, no originality , this is lacking variations and font combinations … ps keep in mind that here , typo is much of an issue, maybe the most essential one indeed …

4- hierarchy
this is more or less linked to point 3 … the whole typo and document in a general way is lacking relief , u need to introduce some ways to your item pop out way much more and graduate between important pieces of information and secondary ones … at this stage all seems on the “same layer” so to speak …

5- readability
there are a combinations of factors for this but the fact of the matter is that the texts u have put are hard to read , choice of colors, shapes crossing texts and so on are all part of the issue that u have to deal with …

6- global harmony
i am sorry but i see no “guideline” here , it a bit like there is a whole lot of elements compiled without they have any relationship with these other … a bit as if they are pasted with each other without bringing a general coherence, u have to play with font styles, shapes and colors to create something kind of homogeneous that makes sense. Look! for instance the pictures that u used in top , whether they are colorful black and white or whatever , there is not incidence on the page …

7- colors
think about complementary colors or scales of colors, there has to be a logics between the colors that u use and there is an ultimate goal for u to create harmony and following some rules is probably the best for u to make sure that u can reach this target …

8- curves
they are overused , not original to say the least according to how many times people have been using them and in addition they are everything but convenient to use in a global lay out , besides u did not manage to extract yourself from this trap as your difficult time to organize the page is transpiring from what u have right now , so just opt for something else than the concerned curves indeed …

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