Why my Item has been hard rejected


please give me a reason why my item rejected and some advice for up quality for this item.

when I create this item.I just think make easy to use.



Hi there:

I think that you need more works videohive.



you mean more than 6 video in pack ?


No, 1 video but need as 2 minutes animation video but this video you update 1 second.


what about video create for 1 or 2 second purpose.


for example videohive 2 minutes preview demo https://videohive.net/item/clean-gradient-presentation/22169575?s_rank=1


if 1 or 2 second animation demo preview video hard rejected.


that is ae project. can use same rule with video motion ?


Yes, you need more work (animations) 2 minutes or more.


you mean only preview video should be more than 2 minutes or video for sell should be more than 2 minutes too.


preview video and file video


More then 2 minutes? Is she kidding? It’s strange when advice is given by the author who doesn’t have Videohive account. Don’t listen her. More than 2 minutes it’s toooooo much


that what i thought when i hear about 2 minutes. for me 2 minutes mean 3600 frame(30fps) for render that use a lot of time for render


You don’t understand me, this video of videohive only preview demo for example video more or less 2 minutes because need more works approved videohive but @ninjapoy up 1 second video please see your video https://drive.google.com/open?id=17ihMU2jurYa1RRVOREmfmg6yNTiYutLG

@romlam u think that I am joking? you are wrong because I love help with author or buyer

See screenshots example 2 minutes:


You attached a screenshot of After Effects or Premiere Pro corporate slideshow. We are discussing Splash Footages, not about Project.


I’d add all 6 separated footages after multi screen on the preview


Sorry I am wrong I think that after effects, thanks.


Yes I already say @ninjapoy need more work.


my understand is motion graphics video requirements is more than 2 second except seamless loop can use 1 second.

for my videos like romlam said i have 6 video( 1 sec per each) total duration is 6 sec and a lot of my video approved on this duration.

i don’t know why this one reject but i still think it not about how long video have.


I will try