why my item hard rejected again and again please help me?

I am submitting an e-commerce item that is giving hard reject. I don’t know what wrong with this product I had uploaded it 3 times and everytime it’s getting hard rejected without any reason can you guys please help me to find out the problem

What have you changed each time you resubmitted it?

The design is quite dated

There is a lot of work to do on mobile optimisation

Hi thanks for replying we just change design part and some functionality part as well like guest checkout,billing method,and also fix js console errors.

So the design part needs improvement right?

Design definitely needs updating and really go through the site on a mobile e.g. images are the wrong size, areas cropped etc.

Given the numerous free and advanced commerce solutions available you need to make sure that you are able to offer something unique enough to capture buyers’ attention over those

Thanks for suggestion I will be redesign whole website and also make sure about responsive mobile view so next time my product got approved.

Again thanks for your valuable time to review my website.