Why my item got rejected?

Hello, guys! I’m new to Envato and would like some help dealing with rejection. Based on your experience as an author, why do you think these Paper Rip Luma Matte Transitions https://youtu.be/mnv7EQet8hI got a hard rejection? I know that there are others luma matte transitions available on the platform. Thank you! I’m just a newbie trying to figure Envato Market out.

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Hi. First of all, the presentation you made is not selling your item very well, is too basic. On the other hand, transitions look repetitive in my opinion and don’t have much work or complexity to save time for the customer, which is the idea of this.
Keep working and don’t give up!
Good luck!


Thanks a lot for your feedback. I’m going to work harder and do better next time. I just have one specific doubt concerning this product. Not wanting to ask too much, but could I start a private message with you to see if you could help me out? I really need some advice here