Why my item got rejected!

I have a wordpress blog theme that was rejected because it is not up to the standard. Can any one please tell me the issue with my theme.

The theme supports multiple layouts and full customization as a premium blog theme should support.

Here is the URL:


Everything! Compare it to the best sellers on here or any popular site in the real world.

You need to brush up on your skills if you want to do this for a living.

Good Luck

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I think that your blog design already have on themeforest, you can make new idea no same design on themeforest.

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Yes i agree with JeriTeam


Thank you for the suggestions, @jeriteam007 @anon90533481. I understand your point. I will make the necessary changes to the the theme.


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Thank you for the suggestion, @goofydadog. I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Hello @jeriteam007 @anon90533481.
I made some changes to my theme. Can you please suggest something on it.

Below is the link.


Did you really change it, Because i still see same design.
I think it’s not enough.

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Its quite different from my other themes. Please check my other themes for review.