Why my item every time rejected... I have follow all guideline thought it rejected...

Why my item every time rejected…
i have submitted this theme with documentation…

It’s nicer than most rejected themes I see here, but the structure looks like nearly every other standard site/theme out there.

A lot of the hover effects seem kind of useless as well, simply because most of them aren’t clickable. Thinking about the “Meet Our Team” section, I’d expect to able to to click on the photos since the entire image gets covered by a yellow box when I hover over them, but nothing clickable appears, instead I just cover the photo for no reason. Same goes for the section right above that with the different stats, whats the reason for having a hover effect for those?

The client quotes are way too fast, no time to read anything.

I also noticed that as I scroll down the site, the navigation selection changes, however, it doesn’t really line up with where I actually am. You have it set so that when a section reaches the top of my screen, it changes the active section in the navigation, however, because of my screen resolution, I can never reach the contact section, at least according to the navigation. If possible I would recommend having it change when the section visibility reaches somewhere between 60-80%.

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Thank you for guide me. I will remember this point in my next submission entry

In my opinion, put it aside and research the new samples accepted in the market for a while.
The market is full of these templates and this outdated design style.
Study and practice about UX and UI.
Read Tutsplus tutorials.
See the designs in Behance, Dribble and awwwards.
See this link.
And practice and practice and practice.