Why my invitation card was rejected?

My invitation card was rejected, but they do not explain the reason, I need help please

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The reason is the quality of your card design, compare your design with other invitation cards on Graphicriver and you will notice the difference.

Good luck :+1:

Overall it looks like something from the 90s, but the two most immediate problems that I see are that the flowers are stretched, which looks wrong, and then you used Papyrus for the font, perhaps Papyrus could be useful for some things, but I really don’t think this is it.

You should also pay attention to what information is the most important, and how you can display it to make it more clear. The event and name are important, but the thing that most people will be needing on an invitation is the time and place, so those need to be more clear, maybe even bolded and given more room, they should be immediately visible at a glance. Something that designers should always remember is that people are generally “lazy” and want information quickly and easily, right now on your invitation design, I need to read a small condensed paragraph to get the info I want, which is boring and tiring, maybe I’d hang it on the fridge so I don’t forget it, but I don’t want to read a paragraph every time I need to be reminded about the time and place, I want to be able to get that information within a second or two of looking at it. Changes in font weight, size, style, and spacing may not be exciting in the typical sense, but it does make things subconsciously exciting, and makes us want to read more.

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Ok, I will improve the quality, thank you very much

hi i agree much about what @XioxGraphix, u have an issue about the style that looks a bit retro so to speak ,the typo is adapted to this style but not really readable and somehow a bit outdated too , not to mention that the hierarchy could be better u do not have anything outstanding that much right now