Why my Interface Rejected - Feedback Required?

Hi everybody, I submitted my first ever template to Graphic River and after review I found that my Template rejected and didn’t meet the requirement. Before submitting I read the Guidelines and tried to obey it. So during rejected I was suggested to get Comments from Forum, so anybody tell me how can I improve this interface? What are the Quality Standards? What points to keep in mind before making any design? Thanks in advance.

Nice try. But your design is completely out of the box from the quality requirement in Envato.

Must work on

  • Typography
  • Image selection
  • Content Management
  • etc…

Your work is completely too far from a current requirement. Please rework on it and I recommend to see other’s portfolio first.

For next time send the design to the forum first and take feedback from the community and upload it.

hi i think that one of the main reasons is the global lack of harmony and in aprticular when it comes to color combinations indeed. In fact u are violating several basic design principles, that is to say mainly alignment and contrast … some of your texts tun out to be hardly visible due to this lack of contrast … the yellow text on blue or on green is just impossible to read or almost …
the icons are too flat or too common and u alternate between left-flagged texts and center-flagged texts, too. The part with the table of prices has to be redone completely … there is nothing to keep about this part … sorry to say just this but i tell u how i feel, the other picture parts are way better than this and u should inspire from these parts to deal with the table part …

Thanks everybody for your kind reply and valuable suggestions. Here is my another Template I wanted to submit to Graphic River. Can you give me suggestions about this one too please? Thanks in Advance.

as for me this one look much better though there are little things that u may improve. First of all , in the testimonial part i think that the hierarchy u have here goes counter clockwise to the one that is required … there should be the vignettte with the face and the name and after the paragraph of text. This is not logical the way u did , if u ask me
in “our skills” lines should be aligned with all texts on the left or the whole block with line and categories should be aligned on the left with teh first title and following paragrph of text , at this time , this does not look completely well
i also tend to believe taht u should try to put a little more into titles to make sure that they are popping out a bit more and so that the hierarchy of information is reinforced
finally the circle with number inside are kind of bit flat for rather prevailing elements indeed, u should indeed put some colors - and maybe some addition effects - into it so that the white number can be seen more easily and has more impact. At the moment u are violating a basic design principle, as your contrast is not that good and what is resulting from this is that your text inside is hard to read

Thanks so many a lot for your kind suggestions and professional tips, I’ll surly improve these weak points…

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hope so and that u can have your item approved :slight_smile: