Why my gameasset rejected?

These are background of gameassets. I’d like to know why it got rejected? THANKS.

I’m not expert in game assets but for me looks too repetitive.

these are a set of maps. cartoon forest theme. For example, there are some portals on a map, when player stand on a portal, he will be transfer to another map.
It is common in 2D game design for all maps of the same theme to use similar elements.

You can see that while the elements are repetitive because they are the same theme, while the paths for player walking are designed.

As a player I would like to see something more like this. For me the in game experience and feel is very important.

I can only say that these are two completely different ways of designing.
Do you think maps of Don’t Starve will be approved here?

I know there are different but for me looks more appealing. Don’t Starve looks very unique. I don’t know worth a try.

Thanks for your reply anyway. Game design is inherently unique. I don’t think it’s a place of containing diversity designing, so give up.
THANKS again.