Why my flyer was hard rejected?


Hi to all authors:

Why my flyer chinese year new 2020 was hard rejected?

Please help me thanks.

Good day, hard rejected means that the moderators did not like your project and they want you to redo it, as a rule there are errors that do not explain the reasons for the rejection of the product, so I recommend

  1. More responsible approach to the preparation of your product
  2. Read the requirements for uploading files to graphicriver ( General recommendations - https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000555486 ), there you can also find narrowly focused articles on your subject, do not neglect

I hope that this hard rejected will not be able to interfere with your plans and I was useful to you, have a good day!

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Thank you so much, I think that moderators not like my project, I will upload more flyers maybe like other my flyer will approved :slight_smile:


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You have changed absolutely nothing after your previous rejected item. You may be banned if you uploaded the item without any changes.
If you didn’t upload the item again and simply created an identical thread, then this is SPAM. Please refrain from SPAM

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Sorry my wrong upload forum my flyer duplicate, thank you so much for removed my other forum duplicate,

A ask, how I can show my flyer for my friend @n2n44 for he will help me?

Please you reply thanks.

you can send through PM.

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Do I can send a message private there forum?

yes, go to their forum profile and can send them Message.

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thank you so much, close this forums! :+1:

hi Jeri
perdon, estaba en vacaciones, alcunos pequeños días lol

as fr your flyer , i guess that there are a collection of problems indeed. First of all, the style that u have here is very close from things that i personally seen already, i do not remember exactly where but this is quite close.

Then, u have a real issue as far as the global organization is concerned indeed … take a closer look at the way elements are very compact in some areas and very scarce in some others … u have a crammed top part very empty sideways in the mid section of the flyer and a more balanced again footer but comparatively very crammed footer all the same if compared with the middle of the canvas where sideways have nothing at all … so that in the center u have a crammed central axis and sideways that are way clearer and empty. This creates a disbalance

after that , the typo has nothing really outstanding or highly original either , if u wish , it would be welcome that u can introduce more variations, font combinations and originality in a general way

u have to pay attention about readability
having some text being crossed by elements is not a good idea when it comes to readability or to make sure that texts are really popping out …

make sure that the space on top between the margin and the header turns out to be the same as for the footer at the bottom of the page

in the footer , this is chocking indeed, the texts looks very compact and it would take more white space in an attempt that readability increases and the aesthetics also at the same time …

not sure that writing the name of a dj in yellow and music by in white is a good idea too as the most readable item is the less important one in the end … so basically this means that your hierarchy of information as such needs improvement …