Why my flyer rejected !!!

Hi today finally after 5 days ago waiting for answer from graphicriver to my flyer approval or rejected i got rejected and i don’t know why could some one help please.
here is the link to see it

Hi, @bunebx, nice design but there are a few issues…

• First off you did a good job cleaning the model, but her hair needs to be sharper, (Envato like sharp or clean edges, including hair).

• Second, there are perspective issues, don’t have a note graphic blurred, when a more distant one isn’t.

• And the more distant clock needs to be more blurred.

• The clock and the sunglasses are hard to see, and the hat needs a shadow.

• The text is probably ok, just too many other small issues.

Click on my avatar, link for examples of what l did.

Good luck…

:palm_tree: :sunglasses:

Hi @bunebx,

i honestly think that you should work more on the overall design and on the main concept.

There are some problems with typography and the design is not being good and clean enough to be considered a premium item.

Don’t give up :wink:

Good Luck.