Why My Flyer Rejected? Please Give Me Some Feedback!

I uploaded my item Studio Flyer. every time rejected for not quality standard.
psd file is fully standard. size-bleed area-layered and so on…this is my item…I wish the reviewer tell me little more specific what is the problem. you guys please see my item and tell me your comments. thanks.


hi probably because u have a good looking and elegant side, the one with pictures and the other side is really not at all in keeping with the other side … your paragraph of texts are lacking finesse and there is no or not enough white space, until the texts looks like suffocating out there … for me the font is too big (by far) and the disposition too squared (even the flagging) … and this is thus contrasting with the rounded squared vignettes that u have right next to them. In addition, the footer really needs to be reworked , besides if this is particularly obvious with your footer , this is also true for teh rest, the typo looks not super adapted to the style …

you are lacking hierarchy of information too as i cannot really say that titles are really popping out
just rework these things and i am convinced that it will be accepted

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Thank You So Much Dear.I will Care Of Those lackings Next Time.

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