Why My flyer Rejected! Help Me Please

HI @RafiqFarzali, probably because some leaves that are in the foreground are blurred, and the background ones aren’t.

The beer glass doesn’t sit quite right with the wood, (although that may have got through).

The text is pretty basic, and the background seems to jarr to much with the beer glass?

Best to study mine, (avatar, link) and try again.

Good luck.


i hope not lol this would be much of a hard to swallow hard rejection indeed lol

hi i think that u have a bit an issue of hierarchy indeed , the thing is that most importantly, the weekend thing is bigger than the beer party part and this looks secondary information if compared … even if i do not think that maybe an issue for the hard rejection (at least i hope so), i tend to believe that blurring the leaves does not really make sense and does not really bring anythign to the table indeed …

i have a question for you all elements are not merged right? because of they are they may believe that your work is much like a photo than a design if u wish … and that u do not offer the required flexibility that buyers may aspire to

if not forget about anything i said … the composition is good in my view, and harmonious too :slight_smile:

as for texts, they seem a bit “pasted over the elements” if u could make them spring out out more and have a more worked out typo combination, it will be appreciated here according to me