Why my flyer reject

Why my item reject. they said no quality standered. whats that mean. need cleare instruction. there articles about quality stadered are bad. and also a low-quality flyer already aprroved than my one.

this is not bad indeed, though a bit too empty if u ask me, there is a small issue of balance between the right and left parts . i would also personally add shadows to maker the text look popping ou more and so this is more readable too

what you mean by “small issue of balance between the right and left parts” ? empty of right side ?

any authorize person here ?

From what I see the player model looks like David Beckham. If is he you are not allowed to use celebrities figures.

nope mate, its stock image and i have rights to use it. but im not adding it to final file. i gave option to replace model image and also gave instruction to how to change it.

no this is the other way around the right part is a little less empty than the other ones confettis are almost invisible in the left part …

why cant we resubmit it ?

This should help. There are no detailed instructions on how to submit items on the Marketplaces. It’s trial and error to perfect your skills :slight_smile:


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You cry like a lady.You got a rejection and you cannot uploaded this flyer again. We all got rejections from time to time. Just put yourself together again and create something better.

lol this is a bit a harsh way to say it but i guess there is something positive to take out of it lol kidding. Besides, this does not mean that the thing cannot make it … he just needs to bring significant changes to it … according to envato’s own formulation, so he should just work on trying to and try to resubmit again

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