Why my flyer has been rejected

Hi there,
My project has been rejected because it isn’t at the quality standard required and this is my first project. How can I improve my design for next time? What do they mean quality standards?

For me, thats too simple and i dnt see any design element here, plus your text doesnt align correctly, inconsistent spacing on ur text.
Really sorry for my bad english.
@n2n44 can advice u more


It’s decent, but could use a lot more work.

You have a bunch of issues with spacing, such as the title needing more leading, meaning that the space between each line is too close. Perhaps it was intentionally done like that, but I don’t think it works in this case. The spacing around the two bullet lists also needs to be adjusted, I would try and evenly space them between the column of images, the dividing line, and the right side edge, same with all the other text in that area. The space between the images in the column are also off, and the one at the top with the border and rounded edges should probably look the same as the others, not sure why it would need to look different.

Remember that even the smallest details matter, sometimes moving something by 1 pixel can make a big difference.

The price tag looks uninteresting, I would do something more with it, maybe with different text colour, a subtle drop shadow, or a different shape.

In the about section, although it’s just Lorem Ipsum, I would make sure to turn off Hyphenation so that the paragraph doesn’t break words apart. You should make sure to do that in most cases.

The dividing line between “About Company” and the address is too small, it should probably be about the same size as the one above it.

The alignment of the title is off center, it’s closer to the right side edge of the column.

Overall it’s a bit too flat/basic looking. It’s fine to go with a simplistic look, but you should also be sure to do something that’s eye catching. Although this is always terrible advice, it needs to “pop” more. This is basically an ad that’s meant to get peoples attention and make them want to spend over a million dollars on a house, so it needs to look that way.

Unfortunately since this has already been rejected, you can’t just simply make the changes that I suggested and submit it again, you’ll have to take what I said into consideration when making your next flyer. Don’t just make it all in one sitting either, spend an hour or two laying it out, then take a break. Spend at least a few days on it, you’ll probably find mistakes and think of better ways to do something if you take your time and allow yourself to get away from the computer.

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hi for me there is a real issue about colors in the first place, i can identify that using negative effect like this sort of becomes trendy but the problem is that i most cases, the result is not satisfying visually speaking and , to be honest , this is how i feel about what u have here …

global style
this is what i explained above

colors and printing
i also doubt judging by the kind of colors that u are displaying right here that this is a cmkyk document that u have here and i feel like reminding u off the fact that flyers are meant for the printing category and that flyers there are normally meant to be printed …

in many areas u have things that are not properly aligned, which is much of a problem as alignment is a basic design principle and thus matters much . one of the good examples is the lined under titles continuing after texts, which is pretty disharmonious if u ask me

contrast and hierarchy
once again this is not a small deal since this is once again a basic design principle and bring other problems to the table in the process, see next point … which basically means that texts are mot popping out as required and turns out to have a negative impact on hierarchy of information

needless to say that this is a major point as a print document’s justification is meant to bring some info to the table and in case they are hardly readable, or even almost invisible , like th slogan u placed, u can wander what is the purpose for the whole item in a general way. I inis is of this so that u can identify that these texts are not secondary or accessories, the document need to be efficient indeed

according to me the negative effect is not a good idea according to the theme, think about it , for real estate things , what people need is to see the good for sale and negative effect here is basically not allowing to do so. BTW, the price is also a major issue and in what u have here t’s been relegated to secondary information, not popping out much and so on …

logo positioning
the logo is too close from the edge , this is not breathing as such

Have you tried clicking on the image? It’s not meant to be negative colours.

no lol i could i guess ?! thanks for the tip anyway buddy :slight_smile: