Why my flyer has been rejected?

This is one of those rare times where I’m actually pretty confused about why these would be rejected.

The fonts, colours, layout, spacing, hierarchy, and general design are pretty nice in my opinion.

The only small tweaks I’d make would be to brighten the grey background a bit, the grey makes it a little too dull. Also, on the medical flyer, the phone number at the bottom isn’t aligned with the lines above and below it.

Other than those two things, I honestly think these are pretty good.

Thank you dear, for your valuable comment. i will try to my best.

and today making it , can you see this flyer ? and need any change ?

do not worry and keep on trying. I have not seen people who were able to upload their item at the first attempt. be persistent and you will succeed. I wish you success!

PS: by the way, I think your design is very cool! I am really like it.

Looks great to me.

@XioxGraphix and @rezaul77
well i have to say just like Xiox implied that this is nice indeed, the thing is mainly as regard to the fact that Rezaul has violated a basic design principle (contrast) with an “non-optimized” color setting for texts … this breeds that some of his texts turn 0ut to be hard to read indeed. This is particularly true for the central part of the medical one …

the thing is that some of the concerned texts are supposed to be important information and to pop out …

i also tend to believe that playing with caps would help to make even more variations and for that matter would help to emphasize the hierarchy of information indeed …

as for me , for the fitness ones this is looking rather cool but this is not as original as the other ones, there is a little bit more of a deja vu feeling so to speak … i am not sure that the yellow color is the best possible combination, this is punchy for sure but as for me i would like something smoother indeed …

about additional details , well indeed, the logo is not aligned well in the space

i would recommend to darken part of the lines behind prices to darken under the price, to underline more and make them more readable too

i would rework open 24/7 and place it well aligned , bigger and more extended on the banner

i would also play with brush or shapes to create relief on the flat color areas …

i would also underline discount by placing a black scroll under and changing the colo of the text to white

Thnx dear

Thank you friend, i will try to my best

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good luck and good work then :slight_smile: