Why my Fishary Logo Template, has been rejected

Today I sent a Fishary Logo Template. This is rejected. why my logo template is rejected. Please let me know. I am graphic river exclusive author and I have 9 web banner items. Thats why I design a logo and sent it. because logo Design is my dream. Please help why my logo is rejected.

If you don’t post a preview image with your logo we cannot help you.


Your logo is very basic and it is not premium.

hi I rather like it but indeed the tail looks not super natural in the first place. Then, let’s face it the major problem, really a subsequent one, is that here u are supposed to post a one color version, and I am really guessing that such a logo will turn super flat to say the least when the illustration is made in one color and that details related to color choices are swept away … the typo is also super flat and basic and if u ask me, in such a place like GR, with some much stress being put on typo, no matter where u are posting and what is the category that u belong to, u do not have the shadow of a chance to have the item accepted without clearly make more efforts as far as the typo goes. I assume that introducing a tagline will also help u to provide people people with additional values by offering more variations, more font combinations and possible touches of originality and ultimately generating more relief for this part but also for the logo in a more general way. When it comes to the general style, maybe trying to give the item a bit more modern touch would be cool, just inspiring from today’s trends of subtracting shapes form other , that maybe a clue …