why my first submission rejected?

I have submitted one project to codecanyon but it’s rejected with the message “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”
I really don’t know why I am getting this. please help me to post my project.
here demo link

The reason could be there may be too much/enough similar items on the marketplace already and you may not be offering anything special ( beside the spacing and few design issues )

My app was also disabled due to quality. But there is no specific information in the list of remarks. How can the author find the reason if the verifier does not indicate at least one example (line number) that he considers incorrect or dangerous?

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I have some suggestions:

  1. Login page is so normal. Try to add background color or images and make the form section white.
  2. As a CRM, your one has only basic features. See other CRM app on codecanyon and try to bring more features on your app.
  3. Try to add demo data in your app. Because without seeing demo info, it is hard for reviewer to understand how it works.
  4. As this is your first item, I suggest you to make it with laravel, not codeigniter.
  5. Try to follow the item submission guidelines. For example, make sure all texts are modifiable from dashboard, CSRF, SQL, XSS security are applied, JS is updated, no unused css and js, no inline css etc. Those are very basic requirements. If a reviewer sees that you miss a lot of these requirements, as a new author you have probability to get hard rejected. Sometimes, the old authors get facility and get soft rejected. But for new author, it is hard to get the trustworthy first time.

I hope, you got the points.


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