Why my file was rejected

Envator Quality team want to no approved new items, because new sellers no valuable for your site.
This items, another site Quality team approved Why?
Your Site Active meaning hour to hour time loss.

Do you need to remember? Today, because of the great template seller in your world, the designers here have their designs for sale on your site and you do not care about the new designers.

LOL, thought!!!

Is not good time all the time? Everybody !!! The old age of the old age decreases and the new ones take place.

Keep in mind!!!

Thank again, For your valuable feedback.

LOOOOOOL all of u guys make me laugh with your theory of newbies being rejected bcose they are newbies … for your information many older ones think exactly the other way around, that is to say that newbies are favored (which would make much more sense money wise, even if i do not agree with any of all these theories) … besides, if u wish i show u lot of things from old authors that have been hard rejected and never made it here while they are REALLY huge quality
so i am not sure what is your purpose buddy but all i can tell u is that instead of thinking that you are the next big thing, u should better go back to work and practice a lot as, as for what u showed here, the bottom line is that u are very far from having the required level to make it here at this stage …
sorry if my comment may look harsh but think for a while about teh situation right now, there are loooooots of guys in town (including highly talented ones and very experienced ones, and sometimes both at the same time), tons of items in all categories, raising standards all teh time and so on , so u really have to bring huge stuff to the table if u really want to make it for sure here …

I don’t see the butterfly, for me your logo looks like pink tanga panties.

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This must be a joke.

for me too but maybe we are perverts lol

u see the thang too, Matt? lol

in my area there is a shop called jass fashions but teh thing is that the j is sort of covered by a tree if u look from some spots and u can only read @ss fashion LOL