Why My Door Hanger Rejected? Please Give Me Some Feedback!


There’s a lot of fonts and styling being used, some of which are not the ideal choice esp the title one

There are areas lacking in attention to detail eg “contact us” doesn’t look like it aligns with the QR code etc

You would benefit from adding more premium value by having multiple colour or variations

In such a small design it must be pixel perfect and with respect this is not there yet

why that? color variations can be reponsible for rejections too, plus , if he says that is editable , then people can understand that colors can be modified

The biggest issue is the fundamentals with hierarchy, typography etc. plus things like this doesn’t show the other side, but

  • there are several (with respect, higher quality) door hanger PSDs that can be downloaded for free. Multiple variations whether that’s colour, dimension or something else, add a premium value to the item.

  • look at bigger sellers already available on GR. they almost all offer variations on the design. This makes it important if a new item is to compete.

Sir, It’s any color variation design… People can change color very easily…

this is what i was saying buddy, so what is the interest for u to add some color variations?