why my digitalite script is reject

why my script was rejected ?

So that we can help, show us demo and tell us about your item

i will deploy it give me a minutes

http://digitaldownloads.herokuapp.com/ this is the demo

admin credentials : user : admin , pass : password

First, I’d say that you need to put a lot more attention into design and user experience. It looks nice - you have a great looking theme - but the user experience and some parts of the design are seriously lacking/rushed. I’m also not a fan of forcing people to log in to view common pages like “contact us” or “about” - this will seriously hurt SEO and any company who uses your item.

Second, make sure your application follows the guidelines in this article:

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I have tested. With respect:

  1. After go to accaount i get fatal error: https://prnt.sc/quq740
    It is unacceptable.
    2.There are not enough premium features in item. You need to add more features.
    Similar items are already on market with great functionality.
  2. You wrote that you were deploying demo. Was he gone before? if no, it can cause rejection.
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Thanks i will do my best to add features and re-apply it if possible

I just visited your website, i think you’re using free web dyno of Heroku, because it takes a short delay to active. I recommend you to try Pingdom to ping your heroku host, because if free dyno receives no web traffic in a 30-minute period, it will sleep.

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Yeah Thanks for mentioning <3

I know you have the desire to enter the market, but the current product is not level, you should still improve in design, user experience and verify that the page has no errors anywhere, for some reason Themes reviewers are sometimes very Strict, other times I’ve seen simple themes happen.