Why my design's rejected? need help to guide me

Hello everyone!

Can someone guide me or tell me why my design’s are rejected? need help to guide me?


Please upload link thanks.

OK :slightly_smiling:

Please take a look and tell me where is the problem. This is one of my design who i uploaded on Envato in graphic rivers but rejected.
Is my design skills is not good right now? or any other issue need your sincere comments…

Not a designer so cannot comment on the quality but perhaps the issue is with the use of the mercedes brand in your design. As far as I know, using trademarked logos in your item is subject for rejection :no_mouth:

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Here is what i am uploading on Envato…after removing the brand car image.


All the ABC logo’s or flower type logo in the design are not copyright or taking from google i just make that all…


You have way too many fonts and different versions of fonts, as well as too much empty space!

I know that it it tempting to do something basic hoping for a good income off the bat, but it will take time.