why my design rejected guide me

hi i see a whole lot of reasons for the item to be rejected when u put them altogether …

1- global organization and alignement
the problem is that at this stage, most of the text more or less seem randomly placed and that texts are not aligned either horizontally or vertically (as the spacing differs vertically speaking) and i would like to point that alignment is one of the basic design principles and that , this, alone, can justify a hard rejection

2- hierarchy
let’s face it, i know that u may reply that u are not the only one to do just this, but the hierarchy makes very little sense at the moment as the club name completely looks like a secondary information. Well the problem is that this is the other way around, this is an major and essential one. Think about it , u have a club , what u people to remember about the flyer ? the theme and the club name … all the rest looks secondary but the date … besides, see point 3 …

3- date missing
this is major information as well and this is no where to be seen , which makes your item way less practical indeed and useful and way less well thought of …

4- central titles
to be honest u have a real issue with this as this is not looking as good as it should be … u have a lack of harmony and coherence here … the one under gets a shadow, the one on top does not have any under it … not to mention that these text are not popping out as they should be …

5- lack of relief and readability of central titles
you indeed are confronted with readability problems because of what mentioned above and also because u have a lack of contrast between the background and text on top of it … which basically means that u are breaking another basic design principle

6- model
the way this is cut at the bottom is not super aesthetic if u ask me … it looks like she had her hands cut lol and i am not sure that this is the kind of feeling that is really compatible with club owners’ expectations lol. i would also suggest to drop a smooth shadow under the model to insure a transition and to prevent the model to look like being pasted on the canvas , if u wish …

7- footer
the footer is too close from the edge , in the best cases, it will be choking or look crammed in the worst ones, this maybe cut when the item is printed and cut by technicians

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